Koala, Tiger, and Panda


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  • Our conservation staff are leading and inspiring protection efforts around the globe.
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How You'll Help

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Below are a few examples of how your contribution may help.
  • $50 can return critically endangered mountain yellow-legged frogs back to their native habitat.
  • $100 can analyze the DNA of three endangered species, which helps diagnose and treat genetic diseases.
  • $175 can protect leaf-eating primates by promoting wildlife education for students in China and Vietnam.
  • $250 can maintain our cheetah and dhole breeding habitats at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, as well as help to protect new pups and cubs from harmful snakes.
  • $500 can buy a GPS collar allowing conservationists to track koalas in the wild.
  • $1,000 can support our giant panda conservation work in China and preserve vital panda habitat.