Please support early education in the FY14 budget


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Please support early education in the FY14 budget

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent, I am writing in support of Governor Patrick's budget plan to close the achievement gap by targeting investments where research clearly shows they have the most impact: the early learning years. Too many children begin school already behind - and too many will never catch up.

The achievement gap is evident long before children enter school. Almost 40% of the state's third graders scored below proficient in reading on the 2012 MCAS. Research shows that 74% of children who struggle with reading in third grade will continue to struggle in school. We will not close this gap until we target more resources to early learning.

Experts agree that high-quality early education has a lifetime impact on young learners in terms of greater academic readiness and achievement, as well as improved social skills. Not enough children have these opportunities and despite the recognized importance of these investments funding for early education and care has been slashed by more than $80 million since FY09.

The governor's proposal includes the first phase of a plan to eliminate wait lists for early education programs and invests in program quality. The budget plan acts on what research tells us - that the path to literacy, success in school and closing the achievement gap begins at birth and includes high-quality early education. It builds on the strong foundation the state has laid in recent years through the establishment of quality standards and strengthened training and professional development of the early education workforce.

I urge your support of these important investments in high-quality early education to help close the achievement gap.

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