Community Events

Engage Your Community

Hosting a community event is a great way to get to know your neighbours as well as members of social clubs and other groups you belong to.

Organize a safe and fun social gathering or go virtual! Engage your friends and family by selling or raffling off your amazing crafts or baked goods. With a little imagination you can turn any idea into a fundraiser! Try a virtual games night, ask for donations, or a ticket fee, or host a competition, or raffle, sell the items or get some sponsors to help with the event - there are lots of ways to help you create a fundraiser. 


Community Event Ideas:

Bake Sales Make sweet treats for neighbours to indulge in.

Cleanups Organize a community cleanup of your local park or neighbourhood.

Silent Auctions Gather items from the community for a silent auction.

Craft Events With a special occasion around every corner invite people to participate in an in-person or virtual group craft day.

Gift Wrapping Organize a gift wrapping event and wrap presents for donations.

Local Tours Map out your favourite locations in your community and have friends and family donate to participate in a local tour.

Game Nights Host a game night with your friends and community.


Community DreamRaisers