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Be a part of the Tibet Solution

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There have been at least 146 self-immolation protests in Tibet and Chinese authorities continue to violently crackdown on Tibetans' basic rights.

Several governments have called on China to back down, but they've done this in isolation of each other, making it easier for Chinese leaders to lash out and silence international criticism. 

Join the Tibet Solution and call on world governments to take joint action for Tibet.

Joint action by democratic governments is a first step towards pressuring the Chinese government to stop repressive policies in Tibet. By acting collectively, governments can stand up to China's bullying tactics and secure real concessions for the Tibetan people. But they need to hear from us!

This petition will be delivered to the foreign ministers of 20 of the world's most powerful democracies.  


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To World Leaders:

Be a part of the Tibet Solution

Dear [Decision Maker],

As concerned citizens, we urge you to adopt a new multilateral approach to address the devastating human rights crisis in Tibet. When governments speak out individually on Tibet, China reacts punitively and shuts down the discussion. But when like-minded governments join together, the Chinese government has no choice but to listen. Joint action will pressure China to roll back its most repressive policies in Tibet.

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