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World Leaders: Help stop the shootings in Tibet

kardze shooting


On August 12th, Chinese forces fired on a group of unarmed Tibetans in Tibet. At least 5 have died and many others are critically injured and remain without medical access.

The group was peacefully protesting for the release of their village leader Wangdak, who had been arrested on August 11th for defending the rights of the Tibetans to celebrate their traditional horse festival and speaking out against the harassment of Tibetan women by senior Chinese officials.

China's crackdown in Kardze is tense and residents remain under heavily armed surveillance while Tibetan men (aged 12 and above) are being arrested. 

Sign the Petition to urge the world's top 20 most democratic governments to call on China to end the violence in Kardze and take joint action to resolve the crisis in Tibet. 


  • Honorable Lilja Alfreðsdóttir
  • Honorable Julie Bishop
  • Honorable Børge Brende
  • Honourable Stephane Dion
  • Honorable Sigmar Gabriel
  • Honorable Kristian Jensen
  • Honourable Boris Johnson
  • Honorable Bert Koenders
  • Honorable Sebastian Kurz
  • Honorable Murray McCully
  • High Representative Federica Mogherini
  • Honorable Didier Reynders
  • Honorable Timo Soini
  • Honorable Sushma Swaraj
  • Honorable Margot Wallström
  • Honorable Lubomír Zaorálek


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