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China: Stop the shootings in Kardze

Kardze Tibetan gunshot pictures

Thank you for alerting world leaders to the shootings in Kardze and urging them to take multilateral action to help resolve the ongoing crisis in Tibet.

Now, will you write to the Chinese officials responsible for the deaths of Lo Phelsang and 4 other Tibetans in Kardze?

Sign the Petition to call for the release of village leader Wangdak, release of all detained and guarantee medical treatment to those injured. 

Your action will send a strong message to the Chinese leaders that the world is watching and help protect the lives of Tibetans in Kardze. 

The petition will be sent to China's Security Chief Meng Jianzhu, Sichuan Party Secretary Wang Dongming, Party Secretary for Kardze Prefecture Hu Chang Shen, and Sichuan Head of Public Security Shi Jun.


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Stop the shootings in Kardze (Ganzi)

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