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Support the Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act

The Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act is a bill that seeks to bar Chinese officials responsible for the lockdown of Tibet from entering the United States. This is a legislative milestone that can have a monumental impact in Tibet.

tibetan faces flagChina has turned Tibet into an information blackhole by shutting out the world media, foreign tourists and international diplomats. Behind these closed doors, Chinese leaders don't have to think twice before persecuting Tibetans. But the unprecedented bill – Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act – seeks to enforce consequences for their actions. 

The logic of this bill is simple: Let's promote reciprocity between US and China; if China continues to restrict Americans access to Tibet, we'll start to restrict Chinese leaders access to America. 

TAKE ACTION: Urge your elected representatives to support the Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act today!

With your help we can build overwhelming support for this landmark bill and urge our government to stand up for Tibet with a concrete and practical action that will take a bite out of injustice in Tibet.


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Support the Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act

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