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Stand With Larung Gar

On October 30 of 2017, China's state-sanctioned demolitions began at Larung Gar, the largest buddhist institute in the world located in Sertha in Eastern Tibet. As a result, 3 nuns have reportedly committed suicide, citing their despair at interference by Chinese authorities and their inability to practice their religion in peace.

The residents of Larung Gar deserve the right to practice their religion peacefully without fear of interference and eviction by Chiense authorities.

Take action today to urge Foreign Ministers to condemn China and call on them to halt the demolitions immediately. 

The residents of Larung Gar deserve worldwide solidarity at this time. China must stop the demolitions at Larung Gar.

Take action now!


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To World Leaders:

Urge China to halt demolition of largest Buddhist Institute

Dear [Decision Maker],

As our Foreign Affairs representative, I urge you to stand with the people of Serta, and call for an end to the illegal demolitions taking place at Larung Gar.

Yours Sincerely,
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