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Liverpool: Drop Tibet Water

Liverpool FC John Henry

Join the international campaign urging Liverpool to drop its contract with Tibet Water! Urge John Henry, the owner of Liverpool FC, to stand with Tibetans inside Tibet and around the world, and put an end to the blatant exploitation of Tibet's natural resources.


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Dear John Henry, Drop Tibet Water, and Stand with the Tibetan people

Dear [Decision Maker],

I understand that Liverpool Football Club and Tibet Water Resources Ltd (TWRL) have struck up a partnership for a range of marketing and promotional rights. With the severe, ongoing human rights abuses inside Tibet, I believe any this deal will be harmful both to Tibetans and to Liverpool FC.

TWRL works in Tibet, a country that has been under military occupation since the Chinese army invaded in 1950. Under Chinese occupation, Tibet has become a human rights blackspot and has been ranked as the 2nd worst place in the world for human rights abuses and freedoms, ranking as worse than North Korea and falling closely behind Syria.

I implore you to adhere to Liverpool FC's own human rights statement that "recognises that the respect for human rights is an integral part of its social responsibility".

Liverpool FC's association with TWRL is certainly not in accordance with this commitment and will be tantamount to endorsing the serious, systematic abuses of the Tibetan people by China; something we are sure you do not wish to do.

Liverpool FC enjoys a tremendous international reputation and I hope that you can understand how its association with the occupation of Tibet can only tarnish this standing. Therefore, I urge you to terminate this deal with TWRL.

Yours Sincerely,
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