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Dear [Decision Maker],

You currently have the unique opportunity to support Tibet and stand for human rights. As you probably know, the Tibetan Policy and Support Act (S. 2539), also known as TPSA, is currently in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and we need your support to bring it to the Senate floor for a vote. As your constituent, I am writing to request your support for the bill; I implore you to co-sponsor TPSA and urge your colleagues in the Senate to co-sponsor TPSA. We ask that you do everything in your power to help get this urgent bill brought to the Senate floor for a vote as soon as possible!

I am deeply concerned about religious freedom and human rights in Tibet. I am therefore requesting you co-sponsor TPSA and take action to build more support for this vital bill among your colleagues in the Senate, especially those on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Currently, 20 US Senators have already co-sponsored this bill. Together, through our collective efforts, we can continue to achieve historic milestones for the people of Tibet and for religious freedom. We're fighting for human rights and freedom in Tibet, and we can't do this without you.

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