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Biden Boycott Beijing 2022 Test


  • Commissioner Joseph Callahan
  • Candidate for Mayor of Boston Annissa Essaibi
  • Mayor Kim Janey
  • Commissioner Robert Melvin
  • Candidate for Mayor of Boston Michelle Wu
  • City of Boston Property Management Department


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Please see the letter included below, which is addressed to Commissioners Robert Melvin and Joseph Callahan of the City of Boston Property Management Department.

This letter has been CC'ed to the following recipients:

Ms. Kim Janey, Mayor of Boston
Michelle Wu, Candidate for Mayor of Boston
Annissa Essaibi, Candidate for Mayor of Boston

I am writing to object to the Property Management Department's approval of the People's Republic of China (PRC) flag raising at City Hall Plaza and the general principles for approving flag raising events.

As acknowledged by the United States government, the PRC is actively committing genocide against the Uyghur people, suppressing Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement and is destroying Tibetan identity and religion. At the same time, prominent international human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch, have also noted that dissidents, LGBTQ+ communities, ethnic minorities, and religious practitioners also face severe oppression from the PRC government.

The flag of the PRC symbolizes nothing but oppression, violence, and discrimination.

I condemn the Department's unreasonable decisions and demand an explanation or thorough review of the basis for approval of flag-raising applications.

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