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E-mail Ed Brinksma: #ErasmusNotForSale

Erasmus University

Academic research on Erasmus University is being funded by the Chinese Communist Party. Certain Erasmus researchers have to pledge loyalty to the leadership of the CCP and to the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. If researchers do not adhere to these criteria their funding can be terminated.

The scholarship program by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) violates academic freedom, academic integrity and the safe space on campus. Scholars, researchers and other staff called to stop this program about the PhD-program May 2022 in an anonymous letter to the board of directors. It has been one year since this letter and nothing has happened.

Erasmus University continues to ignore our calls to protect academic integrity at Erasmus University.

TAKE ACTION: Send a message directly to Ed Brinksma and urge them to immediately stop this Chinese Communist Party funded program at Erasmus University.


  • Ed Brinksma


Ed Brinksma, STOP accepting funding from the Chinese Communist Party

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