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China Gold: Stop Mining Tibet

China Gold: Stop Mining TibetTibetans and their supporters in Canada are gearing up to protest China Gold International Resources at the company's Annual General Meeting. Help support their efforts by sending a letter to President & CEO Mr. Xin Song demanding he immediately halt operations in Tibet.

China Gold International Resources is the Canadian arm of China Gold Group Corp – one of China’s largest state-owned mining companies, and one with a bad track record in Tibet. For several years the company has been mining in the Gyama valley near Lhasa, spilling toxic waste into the local water supply, and facilitating the resettlement of nomads off their traditional land. It is critical that China Gold's executives hear opposition to this project from people worldwide.

TAKE ACTION! Send the letter below to China Gold International Resources' President and CEO, Mr. Xin Song.


  • Mr. Xin Song

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