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China: Stop Shooting Tibetans in Driru

1390471_10151614444356666_777881792_n.jpgOn October 6th, Chinese forces fired on a group of unarmed Tibetans in Tibet. At least 60 people were injured and two are in critical condition. The group was peacefully protesting the arrest of a Tibetan man who refused a government order to fly the Chinese flag to mark China's National Day.

China's crackdown in Driru is escalating and residents are being forced to attend government propaganda meetings against their will. Just last month, an elderly Tibetan man was brutally beaten after he called for Tibet's independence. Now Tibetans are being shot for joining a peaceful demonstration and Chinese toops have flooded the area.

2,575 people have spoken out against China's crackdown in Driru. Help us reach 3,000+ by Monday.

Sign the Petition to
China's security chief Meng Jianzhu and Tibet Autonomous Region head Chen Quanguo, calling on them to order an end to the violence in Driru.


  • Meng Jianzhu
  • Secretary Chen Quanguo


China: Stop Shooting Tibetans

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