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Release Khenpo Kartse

Khenpo KartseOn December 6, 2013, Chinese authorities arrested a highly respected Buddhist abbot, Khenpo Kartse, for allegedly "endangering state security." Khenpo is well known in the community for promoting unity, language rights and culture amongst the Tibetan people.

If enough of us speak out for Khenpo Kartse, the more attention his case will get, and the more pressure China will be under to respond.

Take Action: Sign the petition for his release.

Your voice will be heard by Director of Qinghai Province Public Security Bureau, Liu Zhiqiang; China's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Liu Jieyi; and China's Premier Li Keqiang.


  • Ambassador Liu Jieyi
  • Mr Li Keqiang
  • Mr Liu Zhiqiang


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