Endangered Species Act Under Attack! Ask Congress to Protect Manatees and Other Imperiled Wildlife

The Issue:

On July 19th, President Trump's Department of Interior released a series of proposed changes to the way it interprets and carries out actions under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Among the proposals are:

  • Changes to requirements for how federal agencies consult with wildlife experts and scientists prior to authorizing development projects that could negatively impact listed species and their habitat. Of particular concern for manatees is how this provision might fast-track development, dredging, and drilling projects.
  • Plans to strip protections for threatened species. Currently, species that are moved from the “endangered” to the “threatened” list still retain the bulk of the Act’s protections. Under the proposed rule, these protections would be virtually eliminated.
  • Proposals to make it easier to delist species that are still in recovery.
  • Rules making it more difficult to list species and to designate habitat for their protection and recovery. Erecting barriers to habitat conservation is a giveaway to industrial and development interests and could be detrimental to manatees and other wildlife.

These proposed regulations come on top of bills in Congress likewise aimed at weakening the Endangered Species Act. Imperiled wildlife is facing attack from all directions. The Endangered Species Act is one of the nation’s most powerful environmental laws. It has saved hundreds of species from extinction and preserved millions of acres of critical habitat. Your leaders need to hear from you now that protecting endangered species is a top priority.

What You Can Do: 

Please add your information below to send a message to your U.S. senators and representatives, letting them know you oppose any attempts to weaken the Endangered Species Act and its implementing regulations.


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