Urge Governor DeSantis to Veto SB 540 and the Fertilizer Ban Provision

SB 540/HB 349 made its way through the House and Senate and is now on Governor DeSantis’s desk. This legislation would make it almost impossible for citizens to challenge potentially detrimental planning decisions at the local level for fear of being required to pay the hefty legal fees of developers and local governments. Potentially at jeopardy are millions of dollars in Everglades projects and many local growth management plans.

Unfortunately, another measure was included into the state’s budget language at the final hour that would harm Florida’s waterways. The measure would prohibit local governments from adopting ordinances with rainy-season fertilizer bans for this fiscal year, while the issue is studied. However, 17 counties and over 100 municipalities have had such bans in place for many years and there is overwhelming evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, that they do work to improve water quality. Because the request is part of the budget bill, it was not heard by any committee.


  • Governor Ron D. DeSantis


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