The nominees for each superlative are in and we want to hear from you. Vote for your favorite manatees in several categories. Is Annie or Betsy the biggest flirt? Who is most likely to be late for everything? Who will win the category for best mother? It’s up to you!


Question - Not Required - Best Rescue Story

Question - Not Required - Biggest Flirt

Question - Not Required - Most Photogenic

Question - Not Required - Best Mother

Question - Not Required - Class Clown

Question - Not Required - Most Likely To Travel

Question - Not Required - Most Likely to be Late for Everything


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*Yearbook Quote Prizes and Rules
There is no cost to participate! For the month of October, each person who submits a manatee-themed yearbook quote when voting on the Manatee Yearbook Superlatives will be entered to win. Prizes are as follows:
  First Place:    Manatee Gift Adoption Certificate at the Friend ($35) Level
  Second Place: Save the Manatee Club T-shirt
  Third Place:  Save the Manatee Club Plush
Winning quotes will be chosen by Club employees and announced on social media. Entries may also be featured on social media and other outreach materials. Quotes containing foul language or other inappropriate messaging will be disregarded. Prize winners will be contacted by email.



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