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DIY Fundraising Ideas

Thank you for helping St. Michael’s stop at nothing to take on some of the toughest health challenges of our time!

By starting a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fundraiser you can take on your own Stop at Nothing challenge, host an event, celebrate a special anniversary, pay tribute to a loved one or show your gratitude for your St. Michael’s health care team.

Below are some ideas to inspire you. Whether you chose to do a fundraiser of your own or become a team captain and fundraise with your family, friends and/or colleagues, we encourge you to do something that speaks to who you are and what you care about.

Event Ideas

Challenge Yourself

Is there an activity that you love to do? Whether you love to play video games, walk, run, spin or play basketball with your colleagues you can turn what you enjoy doing into a fundraiser!

  • Take on a 24/7 challenge. Commit to doing an activity for 24 minutes a day for 7 days or push your limits further, challenge yourself to walk/run/bike/swim/game for 24 hours over a period of seven days.
  • Ask your gym or yoga/spin studio for support with a charity class. Gyms and studios often donate space for fundraising events.

Host an Event

Is there a hobby that you love to do? For those who enjoy baking, drawing, sewing, or playing board games or the guitar, this is your chance to connect with your family, friends, colleagues and fundraise for St. Michael’s!

  • Gather your friends for an art class, music lesson or a baking lesson. You can bring a big group together to play your favourite board game or a karoke night. Passion is contageous, do what inspires you and invite your family, friends and colleagues to join.
  • If you’re looking to host a big group, check with your neighborhood business (coffee shop, craft store) to donate space.

Host a Team Sporting Event

Looking for a great reason to bring your friends together for a round of golf, game of road hockey, soccer, basketball, or ultimate frisbee?

  • Host a sporting event and invite your family, friends and colleauges to participate and make a donation to St. Michael’s.
  • Ask your gym or yoga/spin studio for support with a charity class. Gyms and studios often donate space for fundraising events.

In Celebration

Celebrate a birthday, wedding, graduation, retirement or anniversary and accept donations in support of St. Michael’s.

More Ideas

Do-it-Yourself fundraisers can vary in type and size. The key to success is picking an activity that you’ll enjoy planning. Below are a few more ideas to inspire you. While the possibilities are endless, please be mindful of your safety and those you are inviting to join your event. Please note that high risk activities may not be an appropriate fit for your St. Michael’s fundraiser.

Bake sale
Board game night
Car wash
Dress down days at work
Fun run (post work or around the neighbourhood park)
Garage sale
Give up a vice
Guess who the baby is (photo guessing contest at work)
Odd jobs day (involve the whole family to help friends and neighbours with errands and odd jobs)
Scavenger hunt
Talent contest

For more information, you can visit the FAQ page or email We’re here to help if you need inspiration or guidance on how to start your fundraiser!