Tell Your Senators: Block the AHCA

By far the biggest threat to programs that serve the poor and vulnerable in the United States is the effort now underway in the Senate to pass its own version of the American Health Care Act.  This bill — being written behind closed doors without any public hearing — would roll back many of the gains in protections and coverage achieved by millions of people through the Affordable Care Act.

It is morally unacceptable to pass legislation that will result in millions of fewer Americans having health insurance.  It is morally unacceptable to kick millions of our poorest citizens off of Medicaid.

Now is the time to act.  Call your Senators TODAY and let them know that our faith calls us to protect and defend those whom Jesus called “the least of these.”  Tell them to oppose the Senate health care bill.


It's easy! Instructions:

  1. Call the Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121.
  2. Call the phone numbers listed below to be connected directly to your members’ offices.
  3. When the office answers, provide your comments on the budget. The staff member will take down your message and thank you for your call.

Suggested script:

Good afternoon, my name is ___________, and I live in [name of your city and state].

I am calling to register my strong opposition to the American Health Care Act, or to any legislation that would result in the loss of coverage for my fellow neighbors.

As a Christian, my faith compels me to “care for the sick.”  The health care bill in it’s current form would make the lives of the sick much worse.  This legislation, which is being written in secret without any public hearings or accountability, does not represent my values.  I urge the Senator to oppose this legislation and to encourage other Senators to do the same.

To find your elected officials, please enter your ZIP Code. If you live in a split district, you may need to enter your full address.

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