URGENT: Sign to Support Refugees

In September, President Obama and the United Nations General Assembly will hold summits to address the global refugee crisis alongside world leaders. These critical discussions need your support.   

Will you join the conversation by signing an electronic postcard that will be delivered to Congress and the White House? 

Our leaders need to hear from you during these key deliberations. Join us by signing the electronic postcard below and share with two friends to amplify our collective voice.

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URGENT: Support Refugees

Dear President Obama and Members of Congress,

I'm proud that the United States is urging world leaders to improve the collective response to refugee crises around the world.

As the United Nations General Assembly gathers in September, I call on U.S. policy makers to lead by example by increasing refugee resettlement here in the United States and ensuring adequate funding for refugee assistance overseas and U.S. resettlement.

Global goals include:

- Increasing humanitarian aid by 30%
- Doubling the number of refugee resettlement and admission opportunities
- Guaranteeing the right to work for one million more refugees
- Ensuring access to education for one million refugee children

Please do all you can to support our refugee neighbors.

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