Tell Your Senator: Oppose Scott Pruitt for EPA

Scott Pruitt is the nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Not only does Pruitt deny the legitimacy of climate science, he has made a career of putting the interests of corporate polluters ahead of ordinary people.

We need you to send a message to your Senators: Scott Pruitt is unfit to lead the EPA.

Did you know?

  • Scott Pruitt has sued the EPA 14 times
  • Time after time, Pruitt has backed corporate interests over vulnerable communities
  • Energy lobbyists drafted letters for Mr. Pruitt to send on state stationary to the EPA


As people of faith, we must stand up for the wellbeing of our planet and most vulnerable communities. Scott Pruitt stands for none of these.

Send a message to your Senators, then call this number to make sure they hear from you: (202) 224-3121.


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Oppose Scott Pruitt for EPA

Dear Senator,

As a person of faith, I urge you to oppose the nomination of Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency.
As Attorney General of Oklahoma, Mr. Pruitt used his office to stand up for corporate polluter interests at the expense of vulnerable communities. He sent letters drafted by energy lobbyists to the EPA and DOI, accepted tens of thousands of dollars from poultry polluters, and sued the EPA 14 times.
Time after time, Pruitt has chosen to fight environmental regulations that protect our health, water, and air. He has made fighting these crucial protections the defining issue of his career.
As Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt would endanger our planet and its most vulnerable inhabitants. As a person of faith, I find that unacceptable.
I urge you: vote against Scott Pruitt's nomination to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

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