Treat Refugees with Compassion — Not Fear!

With a new Executive Order, President Trump doubled down this week on his terrifying campaign promise to ban certain refugees based on nationality or religion. The revised order is being called Muslim Ban 2.0 – and for good reason.

We won’t stand by while the Trump Administration threatens religious liberty.

We believe that compassion for the suffering of our neighbors is at the heart of biblical faith, and that welcoming “the stranger” is not optional – it’s a direct call from Jesus.  

Sign below to tell President Trump and Congress that refugees deserve our compassion – not bigotry.

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Treat Refugees with Compassion, not Fear

Dear President Trump and Senators,

As a Christian, I urge you not to let fear drive a decision to turn away desperate refugees and immigrants. Welcoming "the stranger" is not optional; it's a direct call from Jesus. We must remember that most migrants to the United States are women, children, and families, vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Though President Trump claims otherwise, his newly-signed refugee ban precisely targets Muslims. We will never accept a religious test for entry into the United States. As Jesus taught us in Matthew 25, our Christian faith should compel us to act -- to advocate for welcoming refugees of all faiths into our country instead of turning them away. Religious tests, in addition to being morally repugnant, threaten our nation's democratic principles and the constitutional rights of every American. The violation of religious freedom, particularly of our Muslim brothers and sisters, must not be accepted by any people of faith.

As we respond to terrorism, we must remember that our vetting and security system is already strong and extensive. We cannot let fear twist our strongly-held values of hospitality and right to freedom of religion. I strongly urge you to protect refugees and work against this renewed assault on our neighbors.

As your constituent, I implore you to oppose any effort that prevents refugees from resettlement in the United States due to their nationality or religion.

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