Tell your senators: Vote NO on health care repeal

Jesus tells us that how we treat the most vulnerable, the poor, and the sick, is how we treat him — how we treat Christ himself. This is a week of crucial votes on health care bills and we must remind senators who call themselves Christians that their question must be: How will this bill treat Christ himself, who says "I was sick," and "As you have done to the least of these you have done to me?"

In our recent Circle of Protection statement we said, "The biblical prophets remind us that how we treat the most marginal and vulnerable among us is the test of a nation's moral righteousness — telling kings and rulers that the measures of their governance is the well-being of those most in need.  But deep cuts in Medicaid would put at risk the well-being of millions of our fellow Americans — especially the weakest, the oldest, and children most at risk."

Republicans and Democrats should work together in a bipartisan fashion through regular order by holding hearings, consulting with stakeholders and experts, and listening to the American people to fix the problems with the ACA's individual marketplaces without making cuts to Medicaid or depriving tens of millions of Americans of health insurance.

If the Senate is unable to pass comprehensive health care legislation, the Senate's leadership may introduce a "skinny" repeal bill designed to delegate the preparation of final legislation to a Republican controlled conference committee.  This would almost certainly lead to legislation that would make deep cuts to Medicaid and harm vulnerable people in other ways.

So we are asking Christians across the country to tell their senators to:

  • Vote NO to cuts in Medicaid or cuts to the Medicaid expansion
  • Vote NO to a bill that takes health coverage and care from millions of people
  • Vote NO to a bill would leave it to a majority conference committee to prepare final legislation
  • Vote NO to any bill that does not have bipartisan support

The votes this week are critical for tens of millions of Americans and especially for "the least of these." We must speak and act now to put our faith into action for a health care bill that does no harm — that includes and does not exclude people from health coverage. The moment is urgent and the mission is protect health and healing.   

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Vote NO on health care bill

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