Tell Your Faith Leader: Speak Out For Survivors of Violence

Our faith traditions teach us that women are image-bearers, possessing sacred worth. However, the statistics concerning domestic and sexual violence don’t reflect this value: One in three women experiences intimate partner violence in her lifetime. People of faith must denounce this violence, and make it clear to survivors that every house of worship is also a house of refuge for them.

Will you sign this open letter to faith leaders encouraging them to speak out for survivors of violence this Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October)? There are so many ways to show solidarity to survivors during a worship service. If you sign this letter and indicate an email contact for the leadership of your congregation, we will provide your house of worship with the resources necessary to plan a service and offer pastoral care to survivors.

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Open Letter Text:

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Dear Faith Leaders everywhere,

This is an invitation to stand with the one in three American women who have experienced intimate partner violence in the U.S. We encourage all faith leaders to participate in Speak Out Sabbath this Domestic Violence Awareness Month. From October 13th to 15th, We Will Speak Out and Sojourners are asking you to commit to speaking out against this violence from within the walls of your houses of worship.

Churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples should all be places of refuge for survivors of violence. But how can the survivors who attend our services know they are safe if we never denounce the violence from the pulpit or state clearly that our doors are always open for healing pastoral care?

An overwhelming majority of faith leaders (74 percent) underestimate the level of sexual and domestic violence experienced by members of their congregations. It is both na´ve and irresponsible to believe that members of your congregation are immune from this violence. We know people of faith believe in the sacred worth of women--let's make that extra clear this October.

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