A Demand for Bold and Transformative Climate Policy 

America’s continued dependence on fossil fuels like coal and big oil over the last century has contributed greatly to a growing global climate crisis that is fueling more intense, frequent heat waves, droughts, floods, and more. This escalation of extreme weather patterns has upended the lives of hundreds of thousands of the world’s most vulnerable people – especially communities of color, low-income people, and women. It is an imminent and growing threat to the health, safety, and well-being of millions of people over this coming decade. We are living in a climate emergency. 

 Despite this, the Trump administration has intentionally and repeatedly set us back on our emissions and environmental justice goals, by striking new deals that give coal and oil companies greater power, repealing the Clean Power Plan, and establishing a rule that is projected to increase the rate of greenhouse gas emissions. 

 As people of faith, we are called to build and imagine right relationship with others and the earth. We have received the command to be responsible stewards and caretakers of God’s creation. That starts with listening to the groans of God’s creations and loving our neighbor as ourselves, centering the most marginalized among us in policy decisions. Therefore, we must call on Congress to enact bold, just, and transformative climate policies for the protection and thriving of people and the planet. 

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A Demand for Bold and Transformative Climate Policy

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a person of faith, I am deeply disturbed by the harmful climate policies of the Trump Administration during a time of climate emergency. These regulations are further exacerbating the climate crisis, making life increasingly uninhabitable for the most vulnerable among us: communities of color, low-income people, women, and children. These unsustainable practices are polluting our air and waterways and destroying the precious gift of creation.

For the sake of the most vulnerable, our children, and future generations, I urge you to move beyond partisanship on the issue of our climate. As political leaders of faith, I implore you to respond faithfully by:

-Enacting just, compassionate, and transformative climate policies that rise to the challenge of the climate crisis, are informed by the experiences of those on the frontlines, and are informed by to climate science

-Divesting completely from fossil fuels and investing in 100 percent clean energies, such as wind and solar

-Prioritizing a just transition for fossil fuel workers out of the industry to ensure communities are not abandoned but, instead, are moved into the renewable energy economy.

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