Tell Congress - Support Refugees Now and in the Future

Over 26 million people are actively seeking a place to find refuge. President Trump has decided the U.S. will admit 18,000 of them this fiscal year. This is our country’s lowest admissions quota since the Refugee Act went into effect. This impacts not only present-day refugee families but also families of the future. President Trump’s yearly slashes on this program are dismantling processes and agencies that provide crucial support to families arriving in this country. The refugee resettlement program took decades to build, and it could take decades to rebuild it.

The GRACE Act would set a minimum refugee admissions goal of 95,000 people each year and take away the power from the president to end the refugee program. Tell your representative and senators we must stop the Trump administration’s efforts to turn away refugees.

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Please Support Refugees Now and in the Future

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The refugee admissions quota of 18,000 people is unprecedented and inhumane. There are over 26 million refugee people worldwide. Our low goal will leave millions of people in threatening and vulnerable circumstances.

The U.S. has demonstrated a capacity to safely resettle refugee people at a higher rate than this. The GRACE Act would set our minimum refugee admissions goal to 95,000 people each year, the yearly average admission quota between 1980 and 2017. I urge you to support the GRACE Act.

Slashing the refugee admissions quota every year is having a drastic impact on the resettlement program that aids refugee individuals and families. This impact could be felt for decades to come.

No individual should have the power to deny safety to people in such a drastic way. The GRACE Act will ensure no one can. I urge you to support it.

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