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Immigration Reform Can't Wait

Immigration reform should be a top priority in Congress, but dysfunction continues to dominate Washington. Even with our economy hurting, families being torn apart, and millions of aspiring Americans searching for hope, the status quo prevails.

This is unacceptable. Everyone recognizes the problem. Solutions have been offered. 

It is time for Congress to act. 

Make sure your member of Congress knows that immigration reform can't wait. There are just too many lives at stake. Help us end the gridlock by contacting your representative today. 

Dear [Decision Maker],

Reforming our immigration laws would grow our economy and strengthen our communities. We need a system that respects the God-given dignity of every person, creating hope and fostering opportunity for millions of aspiring Americans who want to be full members of our society.

Everyone recognizes the problem. The status quo is unacceptable. Solutions are well known and have been widely discussed.

Please urge leaders in Congress to keep this issue at the top of the agenda. It is long past time for an immigration policy that reflects the shared values of our nation.

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