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Speaker Boehner, We Need Your Leadership on Immigration Reform

With just weeks left before the end of their calendar, Congress remains gridlocked on immigration reform. As people of faith, we must continue to push our leaders to make moral decisions until the final hour.

The choice is clear. We can either fix our broken immigration system in a bipartisan way or let the most extreme voices in our nation’s politics win. Families living in fear of deportation are counting on Congress to do the right thing.

As speaker of the House, John Boehner can make this happen. But he has to decide who he’s going to listen to.

While the most extreme voices in his party will oppose any path to progress on immigration reform, serious policy leaders from both sides of the aisle want this problem addressed. Christians from a variety of backgrounds have been vocal about the urgent need to tackle this issue. We can’t stop now.

Add your name to the growing number of voices telling Speaker Boehner that the time for immigration reform is now.

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Dear Speaker Boehner,

As speaker of the House, we need your leadership to help fix our broken immigration system. The most extreme voices in your party are opposed to making any progress on this issue, but the American people realize how badly common sense immigration reform is needed. Please listen to their voices and bring this issue before the House of Representatives as soon as the legislative calendar allows. There's too much at stake to let the politics of self-interest triumph over policy that serves the common good.

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