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Tell President Obama: Keep Seeking Peace!

The drumbeats for war are strong, and diplomacy is often viewed as a weak response to international crises. However, we just have seen the true power of international cooperation and non-violent alternatives.

This weekend, a deal broke between Iran and the international community, led by the United States. The agreement freezes Iran’s nuclear program while leaders negotiate a final deal that would ensure Iran never acquires a nuclear weapon. Strong, crippling sanctions helped bring Iran to the negotiating table. This is a clear sign that diplomacy is changing the game.

While the pressure to go to war is strong, the Obama administration is instead pursuing a non-violent solution to the nuclear crisis in Iran. Thank President Obama for once again choosing diplomacy and encourage him to continue to act for peace.

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Thank you for pursuing diplomacy in Iran

Dear President Obama,

This past weekend, your administration took bold action to deter Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. This was an important step toward a meaningful solution, and was a positive development for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East and throughout the world.

As a person of faith, I am grateful to you for pursuing non-violent solutions and for believing diplomacy was a viable alternative to war. Iran's decision to negotiate shows that international pressure has been effective, and that diplomacy should be continue to be applied wherever possible in the world.

While there is still much work to be done before we celebrate a victory in Iran, your commitment to a diplomatic solution to this longstanding problem is to be celebrated.

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