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concealed weaponStand Your Ground laws need to go!

In 25 states, Stand Your Ground laws make it possible for regular citizens to shoot and kill others if they feel threatened. These "Shoot First" laws have led to an outcry from communities who no longer feel safe. 

Recently, these laws were used in a court case for a man who killed an unarmed teenager over loud rap music. Stand Your Ground laws meant that the killer could be innocent if he could prove that he felt threatened. The jury was unable to issue a verdict.

Stand Your Ground laws create a culture of fear and stand in the way of just convictions. Sign below to tell state governors to end these unjust laws.

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Your state's Stand Your Ground law is standing in the way of justice. By allowing every citizen to shoot first if he or she claims to feel threatened, you have created an environment where a man can kill a teenager like Jordan Davis for playing loud music and not be convicted of murder.

These laws increase the likelihood of violence, putting our neighbors and communities in danger. The death of Jordan Davis shows the true danger of laws that legitimize killing as a first response to fear.

Following Jesus' call to be peacemakers (Matthew 5:9), I urge you to repeal your state's Stand Your Ground law.

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