Make Sure Domestic Abusers Can't Buy Guns

Gun show signDomestic abusers should not have easy access to guns. But a small group of senators continue to block sensible background check laws supported by both Republicans and Democrats. Without a stronger federal background check system, domestic abusers can easily buy guns online, at a gun show, or across state lines.

Let’s make sure our Senators know this is unacceptable.

Don't let domestic abusers buy guns

Dear [Senator],

I am writing to remind you that right now, there is nothing to stop domestic abusers from buying a gun online or at a gun show without a background check.

My faith compels me to speak out for those who are vulnerable--and right now, women across the country are not safe. Nearly 50 women are shot and killed every month by a current or former partner.

We need an expanded federal background check system, which is supported by Republicans, Democrats, and a majority of Americans. As a Christian, I urge you to stand up for vulnerable women and work to implement a stronger background check system across the country.

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