Tell Your Legislators: Help Create a Matthew 25 Congress!

What kind of Congress do we need? We need a Matthew 25 Congress!

Jesus’ famous words call on us to care for immigrants, the poor, those in prison, and those who are marginalized in every area of society – the “least of these.”

When the new Congress begins this year, we want them to be a Matthew 25 Congress – don’t you?

Sign the letter below to your members of Congress – the new and the old – letting them know you’re watching to make sure they act in the interests of the “least of these.”

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Help create a "Matthew 25" Congress!

Dear [Member of Congress],

As the new Congress begins in 2015, I want to encourage you to be a member who cares for those Jesus mentions in Matthew 25.

What does that mean? It means that I want you to care for the "least of these"-- immigrants, the poor and vulnerable, those in the criminal justice system, and all of those downtrodden by our society.

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