Tell Congress: Please Consider Supporting the Iran Deal

David Carillet / Shutterstock.comAfter months of negotiation with Iran, we have a deal.

The new nuclear agreement is a chance to put serious diplomacy to work to prevent another war in the Middle East.

Already, lawmakers are lining up to share their rhetorical flourishes that demonstrate either a desire to oppose the Obama administration at any cost, or, at worst, a desire to go to war.

As Christians, let’s show Congress our preference for diplomacy – not war – with Iran.

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Please prayerfully consider the Iran deal

Dear [Member of Congress]

As a person of faith, I urge you to consider supporting the new nuclear weapons deal with Iran. The deal may not be perfect, but pursuing options that will best reduce conflict and prevent further war with more dangerous weapons is the right course of action in a highly imperfect world.

Christians like myself favor practical and pragmatic steps to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Continuing to do what has failed for decades is not a good option. Giving serious diplomacy with real verifications a chance before contemplating military action is both a better strategic option and a more Christian one.

Please consider supporting the Iran accord.

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