Tell Secretary Johnson: Stop the Fight to Keep Women and Children Locked Up!

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Currently, more than 1,700 mothers and children are imprisoned in Dilley and Karnes family detention centers in Texas in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Many of these families came to the United States seeking refuge from violence, crime, and corruption but were locked behind bars like criminals. Last Friday, federal Judge Dolly Gee ordered that the families be released as soon as possible.

If DHS appeals the judge’s decision to release these women and children, they will be stuck in detention indefinitely while the court battle plays out.

We can’t let that happen: Join us in urging Secretary Johnson to stop the fight to keep women and children locked up!

Stop the fight to keep women and children locked up!

Dear Secretary Johnson,

As a person of faith, I urge you to follow the order of Judge Dolly Gee and release the women and children from migrant detention centers in Dilley and Karnes, Texas.

Judge Gee pointed out that these detention centers are unsafe, unsanitary, and not up to legal standards for housing children . Imprisoning migrants seeking refuge rather than helping them and locking them up especially in dangerous conditions-- goes against the values taught by Jesus.

To live up to our ideals, we cannot leave these families in detention any longer. Please accept the court's ruling and release these families as soon as possible.

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