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Map of the US with Google PinsFaith leaders are often “first responders” to domestic violence and sexual abuse, and need to have the right training. We at Sojourners are calling on seminaries and divinity schools across the country to train faith leaders to respond effectively to these issues in their communities.

Will you join us? We need your help to make a difference! If you sign our pledge, we can create a map of supporters to show theological schools that support for this initiative comes from across the country!

Once you sign, we'll also send you our Back2School Challenge toolkit to help you put faith into action on this issue.

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Yes! I commit to standing with Sojourners to help equip faith leaders to respond effectively to sexual and domestic violence. I will use my voice to encourage theological schools to take the lead on educating clergy and lay leaders about domestic abuse and sexual assault in our churches and communities.

Send me the toolkit, and I'll be ready to get to work.

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