Open Letter from Faith Leaders: Seminaries Must Train Pastors to Respond to Domestic Violence

Sexual and gender-based violence silently affects communities across the economic, racial, and religious spectrum. Women and men made in the image of God are suffering and often look to faith communities for help. Unfortunately, many faith leaders are poorly equipped to respond.

We’re sending an open letter calling on every seminary to include sexual and domestic violence training in their curriculum – but we need to include the voices of pastors and faith leaders calling for change.

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Excerpt of Open Letter:

(read the full letter by clicking the link above) 

Domestic and sexual violence training is vital to the formation of any person who works within faith communities. Pastoral care, theology, ethics, and preaching courses must include proper sensitivity in dealing with these issues.

We encourage you to provide the best preparation possible for our future faith leaders. We ask you to consider how your respective schools are currently addressing this issue and what steps your schools can take to integrate more violence-prevention training and resources into curricula.

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