Tell the Senate: Do Your Job!

Americans get up every day, go to work, and do their jobs – but some Senators must feel they are above that reality.

By declaring they won’t even hold hearings on the President’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Senate Republicans are not merely engaged in unprecedented obstruction. They are blatantly refusing to fulfill the constitutional obligations we elected them to carry out. They are refusing to do their jobs.

A court vacancy could have serious consequences, especially for immigration. An upcoming case focuses on the DACA-plus and DAPA programs—which would take many of our immigrant neighbors out of the shadows.

For the sake of our immigrant sisters and brothers, tell your Senators to do their job and hold hearings on a nominee!

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Do your job and hold hearings for Supreme Court

Dear [Senator],

Please do everything you can to make sure the Senate holds prompt hearings for a Supreme Court nominee.

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