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START Treaty: For a Nuclear-Free World

The U.S. Senate ratified the New START Treaty on December 22 by a vote of 71-26. Thank you for your support of this important treaty. Sojourners will keep you informed of issues related to war and peace and share opportunities to get involved.

Please consider taking action on other issues.

Circle of Protection

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A pledge by church leaders from diverse theological and political beliefs who have come together to form a Circle of Protection around programs that serve the most vulnerable in our nation and around the world.

Common Ground for the Common Good

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Signs a petition to politicians to support the common good.

It's Time to Close Guantanamo

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Calls on Congress to close Guantanamo bay prison

One Church, One Body Pledge

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One Church | One Body pledge for racial justice.

Shame on the House for Attacking Immigrants

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The House of Representatives is sticking with their plan to end policies that would protect millions of immigrants from deportation.

We Need a Matthew 25 Congress!

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When the new Congress begins this year, we want them to be a Matthew 25 Congress don't you?

Make Sure Domestic Abusers Can't Buy Guns

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If domestic abusers can purchase a handgun online or pick up a rifle at a gun show--all without a background check--their partners are not safe. Let's work together to make sure more gun purchases come with a background check.

Celebrate Hope! Stand Behind President Obama's Immigration Relief

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President Obama has announced his plans to reform pieces of our broken immigration system. Unfortunately the attacks on the President are already starting.

Don't Make It Illegal to Feed the Hungry!

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The Bible calls us time and again to feed and care for the hungry--and now three people who tried to heed that call have been arrested! It's time to act, starting with Fort Lauderdale.

It's Time to #RiseForTheRaise

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When women are paid fairly, they are protected from exploitation and equipped with resources to leave a dangerous situation. Economic empowerment is the key to reducing violence against women.

An Open Letter to Christian Financial Institutions

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We've done our research. Of the 13 major Christian investment companies we studied, not a single one offers a way for their members to opt out of fossil fuels. We think Christian investment companies should be the FIRST to stop funding climate change!

Sign On: Open Letter to Franklin Graham

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Frankly, Rev. Graham, your insistence that "Blacks, Whites, Latinos, and everybody else" "Listen up," was crude, insensitive, and paternalistic...

Christians Support the Iran Framework Agreement

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As Christians, we welcome and support the Framework Agreement, announced by seven nations on April 2, to dramatically restrain the capacity of Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Pope Francis is NOT lovin' it

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Last week, Pope Francis challenged the world by saying that our destruction of the rainforests is sinful! McDonald's is one of the world's largest corporations. They have failed to make a strong commitment to stop using unsustainable palm oil.

Help Stop Violence Against Women Worldwide!

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Help build support for The International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA).