Fundraising Tools

We made these tools to help you fundraise for the 2023 Louisville Polar Plunge. We appreciate all your hard work and support; we know you're all Freezin' for a Reason and these tools can help you share to raise money and win prizes, too! Don't forget to hashtag #ChillofaLifetime. Just right click and save!

Social Media Polar Plunge Fundraiser Challenge 

How do you use it: Post on your socil feed or stories sharing the account name you prefer to collect donations to meet your goal. After you get a dotantion for a certain amount mark out the amount so it's off your fundraiser board. Then repsot with the updated board tagging who donate to thank them. Repeat this until you have a coverall.

venmo fundraiser board paypal board zelle board cashapp board webside board

Example of a board being completed:

example Fundraise board


Use the following fun and informational graphics on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the link to your personal fundraising page in the caption to let everyone know you're raising money for Special Olympics Kentucky!

Lou polar plunge sharable graphic 23

without lou

Fundraiser ideas

Can think of any fundraising ideas, here's a few to get you started!


Personal Plunge

Click here to check out our Personal Plunge and how to participate. You don't have to be present at Main Event to be part of the fun. You don't even have to get wet! Check it out!

Connect your Fundraiser page to Facebook

Have you connected your fundraiser to Facebook yet? Click here for instructions! Or use this helpful video to see how quick and easy it is to connect. On average participants who connect to Facebook raise over $200 more


Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@KYPolarPlunge) to follow all the #ChillofaLifetime adventures across the state!