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Wild salmon and steelhead are under attack by Rep. Doc Hastings

ben_knight_salmon.gifAsk your members of Congress to defend the Endangered Species Act and support new salmon solutions.

All across the country we’ve seen that when people work together, rivers can be restored, jobs created and new economic opportunities realized. The whole world is watching the unprecedented restoration occurring on the Penobscot River in Maine and the Elwha and White Salmon Rivers in Washington State, where people with diverse interests worked out their differences and committed to restoring rivers and salmon.  We can do the same on the Columbia and Snake Rivers in the Pacific Northwest.

Unfortunately, Congressman Doc Hastings is continuing his attacks on wild salmon and the jobs and communities that depend on them. In his latest volley, Hastings is calling for a “rewrite” of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to weaken protections and citizen overview of government actions to protect endangered species.

Please contact your member of Congress below: ask them to defend the Endangered Species Act and help build the foundation for success by supporting a new stakeholder solutions table for wild salmon.

Fishing businesses, conservation groups, the State of Oregon, and the Nez Perce Tribe have been in court pushing for a legal and scientifically sound plan to restore Columbia-Snake River salmon and steelhead listed under the ESA. This advocacy has been vital for protecting fish, jobs, and rivers. Today, these same groups stand ready to move beyond the years of litigation and work toward a new dialogue among stakeholders.


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Dear  [Decision Maker],

I write today to urge your leadership and support on two important issues: 1) Please defend the Endangered Species Act (ESA) from attacks in Congress. 2) Please support a new, inclusive dialogue on Northwest salmon and steelhead recovery among stakeholders in the Columbia and Snake River Basin.

Today, the Council on Environmental Quality and NOAA Fisheries have a great opportunity to work with members of Congress and other elected leaders to help bring fishermen, farmers, outdoor recreation businesses, energy users, river communities and other Northwest stakeholders to the table. Together, these groups can develop durable solutions that restore salmon, protect jobs, and develop new economic opportunities. Please be a part of this solution by supporting this new dialogue in the Columbia-Snake Basin.

I look forward to your work on these two important issues.

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