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Help stop the worst dam bill ever. August 1st, Congressman Doc Hastings introduced HR 6247 - a reckless bill threatening salmon, rivers, jobs, and communities across the country. 

Excited about the progress being made on the Elwha, Penobscot, Sandy, Kennebec, and White Salmon Rivers? If HR 6247 becomes law, we can say goodbye to these types of historic, job-creating, river and salmon restoration success stories. Read the bill.  Read the factsheet.

Among its many harmful provisions, HR 6247 would:

• Block federal funding to remove or to even study the removal of dams - even unsafe dams that the dam owner and the local community want to remove.
• Prohibit federal funding for organizations and community groups that have engaged in legal actions against dam projects anywhere in the country, including litigation to protect public health and safety or help imperiled species like salmon. 
• Give blanket permission to private businesses to build new dams, without appropriate environmental and regulatory review – and regardless of whether the projects serve the public interest. In many cases, taxpayers would actually foot the bill.


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Dear  [Decision Maker],

I write you today to urge you to oppose HR 6247 and all of the bill's provisions, should they appear in other legislation in Congress.

If passed into law, HR 6247 would stifle job creation, discourage innovation in the private sector, impede modernization of our nation's energy infrastructure, and restrict the role of local communities in decision-making, all while harming rivers and already-imperiled salmon and steelhead populations. Instead of helping to facilitate problem-solving at the local level, this legislation would create obstacles to collaboration, compromise, and shared solutions. It could also prevent communities from creating or expanding economic opportunities while jeopardizing their public health and safety.

Today more than ever, we need our elected officials focused on creating jobs, strengthening the economy, and encouraging investment and opportunity. HR 6247 will do the opposite.

HR 6247 is a clear example of sprawling federal overreach; its provisions will hurt jobs, stifle innovation and collaboration, and harm communities and the economy. I urge you to oppose HR 6247 and any of the bill's provisions that may appear in other legislation in Congress and support new stakeholder collaboration in the Columbia-Snake Basin and other regions across the country where solutions can be crafted by working together.

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