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Urge Washington State Governor Jay Inslee to join other leaders in support of Northwest salmon solutions

Recovering imperiled wild salmon and steelhead in the Columbia-Snake Basin has been stalled for nearly two decades, but there is cause for new hope as we start 2013.

inslee1Bipartisan support for a new approach to restoring salmon continues to grow among Northwest leaders and the Obama Administration. Governor Kitzhaber (OR), and Senators Merkley (D-OR), Wyden (D-OR), Crapo (R-ID) and others have expressed support for bringing together people with a stake in the Columbia Basin’s irreplaceable natural resources to work collaboratively on a plan that benefits wild salmon, clean energy, and agriculture and transportation.

Late last year, the Obama Administration, through NOAA Fisheries, initiated the first phase of a stakeholder process - an approach that not only has the support of senior Northwest elected leaders, but also that of thousands of conservation and fishing advocates, businesses and organizations, the Nez Perce Tribe, newspaper editorial boards and others. NOAA is now reaching out to about 200 affected interests as a first critical step toward regional stakeholder discussions about shared solutions for Northwest communities.

PLEASE TAKE ACTION: Send the message below to Washington State Governor Inslee, with a cc to Senators Murray and Cantwell. Ask Governor Inslee for his leadership in Washington State in support of stakeholder talks and effective solutions that restore endangered salmon and invest in clean energy and our communities and economy. 


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Working together, we can help salmon, jobs, AND clean energy.

Dear [Decision Maker],

Congratulations on your recent election as Washington State's new Governor!

As your term gets underway, I am reaching out to urge you (with a cc to Senators Murray and Cantwell) to actively support efforts by the Obama Administration and other elected leaders to bring people together to jointly tackle the linked challenges facing wild salmon and clean energy in the Columbia Basin and Pacific Northwest.

With its productive lands and abundant waters, the Columbia Basin is one of our country's most valuable economic and ecological assets. Wild salmon and steelhead and clean, affordable energy are among its most important renewable natural resources.

A LEGAL 2014 SALMON PLAN: Federal agencies are developing a new Columbia Basin biological opinion, due in early 2014. Washington State should work to ensure that this new plan is legal, based on the best science, and truly protects and restores endangered salmon and steelhead.

MORE SPILL: Spill is the most effective immediate measure for protecting Columbia Basin salmon. Washington State should take steps to secure more beneficial spill, including aligning the state's water quality standards with Oregon's to allow for better in-river conditions for young salmon.

WILD SALMON AND CLEAN ENERGY: After the recent FERC ruling finding fault with Bonneville Power Administration's (BPA) 'over-generation' policies, Washington State should work to ensure that BPA's revised policies help both fish and wind energy producers during the spring migration.

STAKEHOLDER SOLUTIONS: Effective, job-creating solutions in the Columbia Basin will only be achieved by tackling these linked issues of salmon, energy, transportation, and agriculture together, not separately. With the support of Northwest leaders, and people, businesses and organizations from across the country, the Administration recently reached out to stakeholders as a first step toward working together on shared solutions. I hope that you will support this process and the start of stakeholder talks later this year.

Thank you for your consideration of these important issues. I look forward to hearing from you.

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