Protecting Redwoods Since 1918

We protect redwoods by purchasing redwood forests and the surrounding lands needed to nurture them. The principles of conservation biology guide our efforts to protect large blocks of contiguous redwood land that embrace the diversity of the forest.

With our donors’ support, Save the Redwoods League has protected over 200,000 acres (the size of 16 Manhattan islands) and helped develop dozens of redwood parks and reserves for everybody to enjoy.

Our protection for redwood forests is unwavering, and our vision for the future of the redwoods is one in which the entire redwood forest ecosystem — public and private lands alike — will continue to thrive and adapt to change. As our forests are increasingly threatened by unsustainable logging, development and climate change, it is essential for conservationists and foresters to work together. This cooperative approach, in which active forests are managed alongside parks and reserves, allows for the permanent protection of more old-growth redwoods and wildlife habitat than would be possible otherwise.


Save these magnificent giants!


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