Members Centennial Grove

The Members Centennial Grove 2018 is in beautiful Peters Creek Old-Growth Forest.

The Grove

The Peters Creek Old-Growth Forest is one of the Bay Area's best examples of a truly unspoiled area, referred to by some as the "Bay Area's Lost World." It is truly a hidden wonderland that is about a one hour drive from San Francisco or San Jose, CA. And with your help, we hope to dedicate the Members Centennial Grove in Peters Creek Old-Growth Forest.

This land has never been logged, and some of the redwoods are true giants. A few are 30 to 35 feet around. Several are more than 200 feet tall. One surpasses 300 feet. The grove is nestled in a distant canyon where high water has scoured the creek beds and piled up fallen wood to create small dams and holding ponds. Fields of redwood sorrel (clover-like leaves with white to pink flowers) cover portions of the ground like a lush carpet.

Peters Creek Old-Growth Forest is next to Portola Redwoods State Park near La Honda, a short drive from most locations on the Peninsula. The park has a rugged, natural basin forested with coast redwoods, Douglas-fir and live oak. Eighteen miles of trails crisscross the canyon and its two streams; Peters Creek and Pescadero Creek. Visitors can see clam shells and other marine deposits from the time when the area was once covered by the ocean. While much of the park is second-growth redwood forest, some of the largest old-growth redwoods in San Mateo County are located within this park along Peters Creek. The park has one of the tallest redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Current Backers


Q. What will these gifts accomplish?

This crowdfunding effort will secure the long-lasting health and ongoing care of Peters Creek. Our grove program at the league offers recognition for the gifts that support this mission.

Q. Will this crowdfunding effort purchase a new grove?

No – we don’t “sell” redwood groves and Peters Creek is already protected. However, the long-term health of the grove depends on this stewardship investment.

Q. Why crowdfund protection of a grove?

We want to invite our supporters to collectively achieve an objective at any price point. As individuals, you can come together to make a lasting impact.

Q. How will I know when or how to get my gift?

When our crowdfunding goal is reached, we will mail your gift and/or reach out to you about scheduling (if applicable). Our goal is to send your Centennial gifts by the end of October 2018.

Q. What happens if you don’t reach your goal will I still get my gift?

Yes; even if we don’t reach our goal, your gift will still go toward the stewardship of Peters Creek, and we will still send you your appreciation gift.

Q. Can I make a donation at a different level than the ones listed here?

No (sorry!). We have calculated the giving levels in order to reach an ambitious financial goal — raising the funds needed to help protect and restore irreplaceable redwood and sequoia groves like Peters Creek. You can make more than one crowdfunding gift if you would like to give more than specified.

Q. Do I have to receive a recognition gift?

No. You may decline the recognition gift on the donation page if you prefer. Thank you!

Our Centennial Vision


Protect the ancient redwoods and the vibrant forest landscapes that sustain them.

100-Year Objectives:

  • Double the size of coast redwoods forests in parks and reserves to 800,000 acres.
  • Protect the remaining old-growth forests.
  • Secure the redwood forests’ footprints and restore their ecological condition.

100-Year Strategies:

  • Accelerate redwood forest conservation on a landscape scale.
  • Secure protection of remaining old-growth coast redwood and giant sequoia.
  • Advance ecological forestry conservation easements on working forests.

Restore young redwood forests so they become the old-growth forests for future generations.

100-Year Objectives:

  • Put half (800,000 acres) of the coast redwood forests on a trajectory toward old-growth forest form and function.
  • Restore giant sequoia groves through fuels management, prescribed fire, and other tools that enhance ecosystem function.

100-Year Strategies:

  • Leverage science to set new standards for redwood forest stewardship.
  • Identify ecological restoration priorities across the redwood range.
  • Implement landscape-scale restoration projects to accelerate old-growth forest conditions.

Connect people to the peace and beauty of the California redwoods through a network of world-class parks and protected areas.

100-Year Objectives:

  • Substantially increase and diversify redwood park visitation to reflect the scale and diversity of California’s population.
  • Ensure an inspirational and transformative park experience for all who visit the redwoods.
  • Make certain that redwoods forests — their parks, ecological significance, conservation, and stewardship — are understood and embraced as critical elements of California’s identity.

100-Year Strategies:

  • Transform public access and interpretation in the redwood parks to inspire visitation and attract new audiences.
  • Create signature redwood destinations in select geographies.
  • Strategically upgrade recreational, educational, and interpretive infrastructure in existing parks.
  • Raise awareness and understanding of redwood forests through marketing redwood parks and partnering with schools and environmental education centers to develop and implement redwood-focused programming.