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Croquet FAQs

Where is the event?

The event is located at the historic Daniel Webster Estate in Marshfield.  The expansive lawns provide plenty of space whether you’re playing a game, perusing the food stations or watching leisurely from a seating area.  NOTE:  Tours of the Estate are available throughout the afternoon and take about 20 minutes.

What should I wear?

There is no specific dress code for the event. Casual clothing and footwear are recommended, so do what makes you and your crew happy! (For safety and comfort, heels are highly discouraged.) 

Want to show off your team spirit?

It’s so easy.  Dress alike with team shirts, or color coordinate your outfits, create team hats or headwear.  You don’t have to be elaborate, just use your imagination to tell your teams story.  You can be funny, serious, playful or crazy.  You can even work with this year’s event theme. 

What is the theme?

The theme for the year is Alice in Wonderland.  So, as the invite states: Don’t be late for a very important date!

Who benefits?

All proceeds from this event benefit the pediatric population of South Shore Health.

What happens at the event?

FUN HAPPENS and is had by all who attend the event.  There is time for games, food, drink, friendly competition and lots of laughter while we raise funds to support our tiniest of patients.

Who attends the event?

Attendees are like minded individuals who live and/or work on the South Shore that are looking to give back to their community.  Some have young families, while others are empty nesters – together, they support pediatrics at South Shore Health.  It is a great way to meet new people and socialize while supporting a great cause.

I don’t know how to play!

Don’t worry.  Professionals from the Boston Croquet Club will be on site to provide instructions and run the tournament. You can also refer to the rules on our web page.  

How are teams assigned?

You can create your own team or ask us to assign you to a team.  Teams consist of four to six players.  You only need two to three people to play at a time, so not all team members have to play each game.  How your team plays is up to you.  

Do I have to play Croquet?

No.  Although you still need to purchase a ticket, you are not required to play Croquet.  If you let us know that you just want to attend, we will not assign you to a team.  You will have the opportunity to network, enjoy the refreshments, watch the competition, peruse the raffle items, get a chair massage and play other lawn games such as, ladder ball or corn-hole.  The day is yours to enjoy!

How does the day flow?

Once teams check in and get their assigned game times, there is a period to mix and mingle.  House tours are available as are lawn games.  There is a tutorial by the professionals, followed by the start of the tournament. The timed games last twenty minutes each, and between games there is time for food, drink, raffles and friends.