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Supporting Pediatrics 

The Friends Supporting Pediatrics is a network of dedicated individuals with a common commitment to support and promote the community-based mission of South Shore Health. This committee has a special connection with the pediatric areas of the Hospital.  Members live and work in the community and share their experiences and perspectives to advance the good health of the region through community outreach, educational programs, fundraising events and social opportunities.

Over the years their support has provided the Hospital the following:

High Risk Maternity:  Televisions, movies, educational books and supplies for moms on bedrest.

Birthing Unit and Maternity: A bottle warming system, bili blankets and a hearing screener for newborns.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): Angel Eye cameras (a system for parents and families to be able to see their babies via computer, tablet or other technology when they are not able to be here in person); a specialized Giraffe bed, swings, bouncer seats, and supplies for the Family Integrated Care Program.

Pediatric Unit: Parent sleeper chairs, a 60 gallon salt water fish tank, communication boards and privacy curtains.

Pediatric Unit and Pediatric Emergency:  A Treasure Chest - toys, books and other activities for patients to help keep them occupied while waiting for tests, or as a gift, bubbles and pinwheels for young patients that need help with breathing treatments when they have lung issues.

This group of dedicated individuals works to provide the very best health and wellness services in their community.

For information on how you can join the Friends, contact Barbara Wahlstrom at or by phone at 781-624-4170.

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