Thank Our St. Joe's West End Heroes.
Make a Donation in Their Honour

Our west-end community is pulling together in remarkable ways.

It’s amazing to hear and see the support our neighbours have for our St. Joe's West End Heroes. Our physicians, nurses and support staff are on the frontlines doing whatever possible to keep us healthy. They are keeping our Promise to meet the health-care needs of Toronto’s west end.

Your messages of support mean so much. Now you can thank a careprovider or team at St. Joe’s by making a gift to name them to our St. Joe’s Circle and support our COVID-19 work. The team or person you are honouring will receive a virtual badge and your message will appear on our website and social media. This way they will know you have made a gift in their honour.

Sidewalk art.

Children across our west-end community are showing their support for St. Joe’s on sidewalks.

Here is one message of appreciation spotted near the Health Centre. We're sharing your messages with our teams because it means so much to them.

Thank You Messages

Thank you to all front-line teams for defending us in this COVID crisis!

- Darryl

Forever grateful for everything that you all do. You are heroes! We stay home for you.

- Samuel

I'd like to say a big thank you to all the frontline heroes at St. Joe's. You are unbelievable people in this difficult time. You save our lives and souls everyday. Keep safe and healthy for yourselves as well. Thank you.

- Moon Ja

I just would like to say that all of you people working at St. Joseph's Health Centre are very nice people. Thank you very much.

- Salvador

Hello, thank you very very very much for everything you do. I really appreciate it all. There are no words enough to thank you but I am on a very limited income, I wish I was working so I could do more. Please accept my donation as a small gesture. Thank you again.

- Kamil

Thank you to you and your families for all you are doing to keep us safe.

- Caterina

Dear staff of St. Joe's, I know what amazing jobs all of you at St. Joe's does. Being on the frontlines as you are is very stressful but I'm sure that your dedication and selfless service to the greater community will help us all through these tough times. You are very appreciated! Stay healthy and keep up the great job. We are very grateful that you are all there to save lives and bring the community back to its feet. Thank you for everything you do!

- Bobby

Thank you to all healthcare providers for everything you do, EVERYDAY, and especially during this pandemic. We appreciate your dedication and sacrifices to keep us healthy. Stay safe, be well and always GOD BLESS YOU.

- Giovanni

I would like to thank everyone at St. Joseph that is risking their lives to save ours. Thanks to everybody from cleaning staff to doctors. Thank you all.

- Maria

I would like to thank the frontline workers at this difficult time.

- Victoria

I have to say thank you to all the staff at St. Joe's and the rheumatoid arthritis department.

- Anne-Marie

To everyone on staff at St. Joe's, no matter what they do, I, for one, am so grateful for the extremely hard, pressured, work that you are doing to help in the best possible way to keep all of us as safe as you can. Your extreme dedication is outstanding, and you should consider yourselves gold star champions. Thank you very much.

- Margaret

Dear Friends at St. Joseph's, while spending some time, several times, I received excellent attention from doctors, nurses, administration, and cleaning staff. Keep up the good work!

- Guillermo

As a retired nurse, I know firsthand what a wonderful job all of you are doing. You are irreplaceable, so please keep yourselves well. I will all of you in my prayers. God bless you.

- Agnes

To fight against COVID-19 and the support we received from the hospital, we would like to say THANK YOU.

- Ashok

Thank you for your skills which you dedicate to help humanity. You are shining stars of our universe.

- Sharon

You are doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work, we are all proud of you. Please stay healthy and safe. Bless all.

- Nicholas

Thank you so much for all the help in fighting COVID-19 and all the sicknesses all year round. We would be nothing without you. Your hard work is very appreciated. Sending a lot of love.

- Rosa

I would like to thank our heroes from the bottom of my heart and I know that others are feeling the same. Love you all.

- Rudel

Thanks to all St. Joe's staff, I remember all the people, doctors, nurses and all that I encountered during my numerous visits.

- David

Life (a poem) Life is just a special gift/That we can only borrow/And we must remember this/As we face each joy and sorrow//It's not about the things we have/Or how hard we work or play/It's all about the hearts we touch/As we live from day to day

- Frederick

Thank you for your sacrifice to keep our community safe. We are grateful.

- Kimberly

We appreciate your dedication and long hours. We know you put yourselves at risk, yet you do what has to be done to help others. We salute! Thank you!

- Chris and Esther

On behalf of all Canadians, we well as, our west end neighbourhood, we extend a heartful thanks to all our doctors, nurses, and medical staff, for doing everything possible to help all the people affected as well as giving to the rest of us a 'morale lift,' proving as people we can do something to ease the strain this virus brought to everyone of us! Thank you and may the Lord give you strength to keep on going!

- Eftimia

Thank you for choosing a career that gives time, patience, and love. As a PSW, that no longer work due to disability I know how it feels to work under the clock. Still now, I remember many clients even though I no longer work in the field. My son and I say THANK YOU!

- Vanessa

Hey Heroes of St. Joe's, THANK YOU! For devoting courage, determination, knowledge, wisdom, and most of all LOVE. Once again thanks to all the angels and heroes of my St. Joe's!

- Lucia

A big thank you to all the frontline workers at St. Joe's. I especially want to thank nurse Paula Kilkenny who gave me an injection on April 29th. I forgot to thank her for her service.

- Janice

Thank you for putting your lives on the frontlines to keep us safe and healthy.

- Ruth and Allan

More I say less it would be. Keep it up and any blessing are with you. Keep it up please!

- Khemo

Thank you! God bless all of you and keep safe.

- Michal

Keep up the great work. Very proud of all your efforts, much appreciated.

- Chris

I have found from personal experience that all the staff at St. Joseph's Health Centree are outstanding human beings. God Bless each and everyone of you. From the cafeteria workers to the nurses and doctors. Stay safe and strong. My prayers are with you always.

- Winston

Thank you for your dedication. I had a very positive experience when I was there in January. I got excellent care.

- Marilyn

Thank you Thank you Thank You. To all the frontline health workers. We will never be able to fully repay you for your courage! For your dedication! Your kindness. You are simply the best! We pray for all of you. We pray the world will soon be free of this evil virus. Stay safe. Thank you all.

- Orpha

Thank you so much for all the outstanding work that all of you are doing on a daily basis at St. Joe's in the midst of this pandemic. Your dedication and commitment to providing top of the line care while putting yourselves at risk is commendable and very much appreciated! Thank you once again for your selfless acts of service. You are truly our heroes!

- Richard

Our hearts and feelings go out to: All St. Joe's Employees. All your tremendous and fantastic work is greatly appreciated in our turbulent world. May God protect us and the entire world. May God protect us and the entire world so that one day our lives will be back to normal with peace and love and caring for eachother. Once again "kudos" to everyone and remember we are all in it together.

- Annette and Hartmut

Thank you for not giving up! All the heroes on the frontlines your encouragement will always be remembered. The tiredness in your eyes, indentation from the mask resting on your faces, shows you put all your heart into helping each and everyone of us. Thank you!

- Lorna

The absolute best hospital with the best staff anyone could ever be blessed with. Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do. Stay safe xoxo

- Lainey

St joes has done so much for my family, from Dr. Mehta being amazing with my kids, Dr. Park who delivered all 3 of my kids(she’s the best) Dr. Kim, my dads oncologist that he adores, and every other doctor who we’ve met in emerg and other clinics. Thank you for doing what you do, you are risking your lives for us so I thank you.

- Marta

Keep up the great work, St. Josephs!

- Gweneth

God bless you all🙏❤️. Thank you for your dedication and great service. Stay safe everyone❤️

- Grace

Thank you for your service!!! 🌟🌟 So proud to have had my daughter delivered at St. Joseph earlier this year. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

- Manolita

Thank you for putting your life on the line for all who need it. 🙏💜👍

- Lucy