Become a West End Warrior!

We’re waging a war and the enemy we're battling is COVID-19. In this fight, instead of coming together to offer each other support, we have to remain apart to protect ourselves. Yet our doctors, nurses and support staff are on the frontlines in this battle. They are our St. Joe's West End Heroes. They need and deserve our support.

Now you can become a West End Warrior to stand up for our heroes on the frontlines.

St. Joe's is at the centre of the fight in the west end. We have a COVID-19 Assessment Centre and are quickly expanding intensive care units from 20 beds to 50 beds, and are creating other COVID-19 areas throughout St. Joe’s. There is a need for beds, ventilators, portable x-ray machines and other equipment like online tools to fight COVID-19 immediately. We are also supporting our colleagues in long-term care facilities in their battle.

There are two ways you can join this movement to become a West End Warrior.

Become a West End Warrior - Donate now to support our special COVID-19 fund. You'll be added to our growing list of Warriors who are standing up for the west end. Those who give more than $1,000 will be recognized publicly.

Thank our West End Heroes - Send you message of thanks and support to our heroes on the frontlines.

Recognizing our West End Warriors.

Learn more about our response to COVID-19.

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