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Stop The Fare Hike In Its Tracks

New York subway and bus riders have faced three fare hikes since 2007 and, every time, it feels like we're paying more for less. Now, we're being asked to shell out again -- another fare hike coming in 2013.

While riders like us have been hit with fare hike after fare hike, the City hasn't increased its funding levels since 1992! That's just plain unfair.

Add your name to our petition today, and help us keep public transit affordable for all.

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Stop The Unfair Hike

Dear Elected Official,

New York City's transit riders need your help!

The governor and our state elected officials have not provided adequate funding for the transit system, forcing the MTA to use my MetroCard like a credit card. By allowing the MTA to take out billions of dollars in debt, with no real plan to pay for it, our City and State representatives are burdening me and every other New Yorker who relies on buses and subways with a future of poorer service and higher fares.

Riders have paid enough! It's time the City and State increased their transit funding!

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